Indianapolis, Indiana
June 29-July 1, 2018
Hello Family,

I hope this letter find everyone well, in good health and in good spirits! Please continue to keep the Oldham family in your prayers...we miss “Big Jewell” for now, but will see him at that great family reunion in the sky!

Again, hats off to the Virgina Beach Committee! What an outstanding job they did planning and hosting the reunion last year. Those “young folk” had it all together and I know all of us appreciate all the hard work that went into making it one of our most memorable reunions yet.

Wellllllll the Indianapolis “crew” has been planning this year's reunion ever since they returned from Virginia Beach! They say ain't no ocean in “Indy” but they sho gonna make some might “waves” for our visit! The hotel is a go – we will be at the La Quinta Inn & Suites – 5120 Victory Drive – Indianapolis, IN 46203 – Phone: 317-783-7751.

Our hosts this year are Bobby & Trena Thomas and this is their first time hosting this great family reunion. Let's show them some love by planning to attend and letting them show us a good time in the home of the famous Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Did you know:

The Dallara IndyCar Factory offers visitors the chance to explore 20,000 square feet of interactive and hands-on exhibits centered around the engineering and technology of the world's fastest sport! While you're there, you can feel the rush of adrenaline as you strap on a helmet and slip into the Street-Legal IndyCar 2 seater and speed past the world famous Indianapolis Motor Speedway! But don't forget to check out the specs of, and get your picture taken with, the brand new DW12! O.K. Indy Speedway here we come!

Business Meeting Recap – 2017

During our business meeting last year, the family voted to raise the reunion fee to $200 per adult. We voted on a membership fee of $125 for those in the Fund who decided not to attend the reunion any particular year. The main reason for the membership fee is to keep the fund solvent. The family also felt it's not fair to other members who attend regular and pay into the fund, but others who don't attend regular continue to benefit from the fund.
Our new Secretary is Simone Johnson, Treasurer Assistant Robin Oldham and Fund Administrator (me) Assistant Patrick Busbee.

Alright family – not much else to say at this time, but let's get the $$$ rollin' (before you spend your tax return!). The deadline for registration is May 15, 2018 – 5/15/18 - 15th day of May, 2018. Please don't wait until the last minute and say you just don't have the money. I will gladly take monthly payments! CLICK HERE for reserverations

Question: Since Kentucky is known for fast horses and beautiful women, does this mean Indiana is known for fast cars and beautiful women?? Hummmmm.


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